June 2018

A New Partnership has Started: Near and Wel Together to Usher Companies in a New Era

Partnership Near Wel

Wel chose NearIT to renew communication between companies and customers in order to close the loop in industry process optimization.
It’s a new partnership to look ahead.

Partnership Near Wel

Two different entities sharing the same vision

We already know the tendency to industry automation which leads us toward the 4th Industrial Revolution and which aims to new technologies’ integration to improve production quality and quantity.

“The Future of the Jobs” research, presented at World Economic Forum, showed that, in the coming years, technological and demographic factors will affect the development of the labour market deeper and deeper.

Internet of things, big data and cloud computing, advanced automation, wearable devices and new interfaces are this revolution’s big players and they point at making future manufacturing sector more competitive.

Partnership Near Wel

Wel  and Near are two young dynamic entities that, together, are looking to simplify digitisation and innovation processes to the largest extent possible, the former focusing on b2b, while the latter on b2c.
Aiming at standardised processes’ customization they are capable to add in the emotional reaction. This is key to best connect real world to digital depending on those involved.

Internet of Things and Contextual Mobile Engagement

Through potent software and hardware combination, these two entities, on one hand, can automate administrative processes and internal communication (management) and, on the other, are able to customize external communication content (engagement).

Partnership Near Wel

Here is the secret of making a big improvement to business processes but, above all, to the resulting user journey.
Whilst Wel helps companies making a simple intuitive ecosystem of human and virtual resources (composed of a technological combination of automation, information, connection and programming to ensure companies a new production and distribution landscape), Near, through its Contextual Mobile Engagement Platform, brings the same companies and their final customers closer together establishing highly customized and contextualized experiences and thus contributing to increase client base loyalty.

From industry to retail, two wholly adaptable at each context products

All of this may lead to think of highly complex systems and significantly reduced scopes of application, but the entire infrastructure is unbelievably adaptable to every kind of context, from retail, to wellness, to tourism.

Thanks to wearables, smartbands and smartphones, well-targeted communications shall be sent.
So Near and Wel can bring management, employees and customers into direct contact and open doors to the “retail of the future” by providing a series of real time management data. They’ll also enable companies to act in a targeted way focusing on their customers.

It’s a strategic and functional partnership born from a desire to give companies an increasing value and to ship them into the future. So they can close the gap between management and sector employees by allowing them to act the most user-centric as possible.

Partnership Near Wel

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