April 2019

Precision Marketing:
Tailor-made Communication

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NearIT Precision Marketing

Looking closely at users, knowing their interests, their habits, and their favourite places represent a change of perspective for brands. Thus, Precision Marketing makes it possible to plan strategic activities useful for creating important touch points through a tailored communication.

With the accentuation of the democratization of technology, today, digital is everything, but not everything is – and must be – digital: human beings are still the killer app*. They choosing every day which devices to use, at what time and for what reason. People model innovation in different forms and measures, which must then be interpreted to be meaningfully understood. *(Retail 4.0, Philip Kotler – Giuseppe Stigliano, 2018. Mondadori).

The operational, social and cultural changes that digitalization has brought with it has also redefined the parameters of communication in a human -to- human perspective, by putting an emphasis on the relationship with one’s audience, in order to make a real and therefore more effective customization of interactions.

NearIT Precision Marketing

Tailor-made communication

Like a magnifying glass, Precision Marketing offers brands a new perspective through which they can look at their target audience, learn about their interests, their habits and their favourite places, thus planning strategic activities useful for creating value-rich contact points through customized communication.

It starts from the collection of data on the actions users perform during their purchase path,  then used with the aim of involving customers in a personal way,  offering relevant and unique content in exchange for their time precisely because they are designed to be shared at that precise moment and in that particular scenario.

The role of technology

In this perspective, by taking advantage of the profiling features provided by the new proximity technologies, it is possible to outline the customer profile, starting from generic information, such as age or sex, even information related to their interests, preferences and habits.

For example, knowing Italians prefer to spend their savings on Friday’s and Saturday’s, and their payments are increasingly made digitally, offering a coupon or a personalized gift during those days could surprise them, thus favouring their purchase choice.

However, to make these tools simplify the organizational processes, and at the same time offer additional services consumers would not find elsewhere,  it must respond to a real need for those who use it.

NearIT Precision Marketing

Retail 4.0

It is no coincidence that most in-store marketing solutions leverage Bluetooth, Nfc or wifi connections with the intent of interacting with customers through their smartphones, with which users are very familiar with. Or, use split payment solutions to simplify payment transactions, as well as to make workflows efficient through the management of warehouse activities with the help of intelligent objects (IOT).

The store will thus become a destination for consumers to enrich themselves with significant experiences along a narrative path that brands, through technology, have the opportunity to create and tell in a new way.

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