September 2019

Profitable Natural Shopping Centers: Players and Technology Involved

Mobile strategy
Profitable Natural Shopping Centers with NearIT

Profitable Natural Shopping Centers are networks of local businesses cooperating in the optimization of their own offer. Using mobile technologies in favour of all involved players it’s also possible to promote the city.

To celebrate the first 40 years of the famous book Bar Sport by Stefano Benni, in 2016 was realized a map of all italian Sport Bars attended by his readers: an original idea, which reveals how familiar a place can be thanks to a sense of belonging that define his identity.

A Natural Shopping Center can transform commercial premises in significant places, enhancing, in perfect glocal style, the local supply of a city, highlighting community precisely because they belong to it.

Profitable Natural Shopping Centers with NearIT

By definition

Actually, a Natural Shopping Center (NSC) is a collection of local businesses (stores, bars, restaurants, craft, tourism and services businesses) cooperating within a certain urban area. These aggregations are promoter of a unique integrated offer to favour the growing demand for the service provided to consumers, fostering urban and local development.

However, to make a NSC profitable for citizens, institutions and local businesses, to create a companies network is not enough.

It’s important to establish a strong synergy between companies to ensure a shared catchment area, so favoring the drive to store and increasing purchases within the network, in order to transform “my” client into “our” client.

Physical Experience, Digital Showcase

This dimension depends always more on communication availability and quality: it’s not coincidence that strategic marketing activities, loyalty personalized initiatives and the use of mobile technologies, are planned measures in public tenders aimed at promoting a Natural Shopping Center.

In fact, by making local businesses and proximity communication converge, it’s possible to share contents and inform and offer innovative services in real time, diversifying the purchase experience on the basis of citizens and tourists’ interests and behaviours. In doing so, users have one more reason to choose those businesses which belong to the network.

Profitable Natural Shopping Centers with NearIT
Profitable Natural Shopping Centers with NearIT

Players and technology needed

To give rise to a Natural Shopping Center you have to start with an app and with a web platform able to manage points of interests contents and promotions. Sending targeted content in proximity, on the basis of users’ behaviours, the system transforms physical stores into more engaging and interactive places.

That’s how:

The app owner, who is interested in creating a Natural Shopping Center, will make available for local business partners a tool to engage new clients and to retain those they already know. Thanks to digital loyalty initiatives and dynamic offers it’s possible to increase purchases, benefiting from an additional revenue line.

Each local business will promote the app download so as purchases within the network. Thanks to a local dynamic and targeted shopping experience, merchants will encourage the drive-to-store the same way as big brands do.

Citizens and tourists, once downloaded the app, will fill their personal informations and preferences to receive targeted contents and promotions exactly when they are in proximity of their favourite stores and, why not: they will easily reach the most relevant points of interest of the city.

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