July 2019

Proximity Loyalty Blockchain: a Single Network, Benefits for All

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NearIT Proximity Loyalty Blockchain

Proximity Loyalty Blockchain allows you to combine the advantages of contextual marketing and loyalty added-value services. Planning targeted campaigns you will be able to offer your potential clients one more reason to choose network’s local businesses. In fact you may award customers through personalized fidelity initiatives, making physical stores more engaging and interactive places.

Proximity Loyalty Blockchain: what is it and how it works

Offer your clients more and more through an innovative and technological service set. That’s how Proximity Loyalty Blockchain concept can be summarized, and we may consider it the key tool for those retailers who want to act on a local or national scale. Specifically, proximity technologies allow local businesses of a certain area to communicate in a dynamic manner with citizens and tourists, by diversifying their shopping experiences on the basis of their interests and behaviour. In doing so, the urban space become a real shared digital showcase, that gives life to what we call: Natural Shopping Center, a reality in which every merchant can share its catchment area by encouraging clients drive to store and increasing their purchases within the network.

The revolution is to consider unique each customer by using profiling, that makes the most personal, exclusive and immersive his shopping journey. You can, in fact, communicate with him through targeted, non-invasive and high conversion rate content.

NearIT Proximity Loyalty Blockchain
NearIT Proximity Loyalty Blockchain

Proximity is the keyword

Thanks to Proximity and Contextual Mobile Engagement tools, such as NearIT Platform, you can create high targeted content to share with your customers in the most relevant moment. All this is possible by exploiting in an integrated manner mobile app and technologies such as Bluetooth, WI-FI and location.
So, the customer is the recipient of a specific content exclusively selected for him on the basis of his interests and his in-store behavior and he will be reached in a specific situation and moment, when it really matter. 

Proximity Loyalty Blockchain is the next step: a solution able to combine contextual marketing and loyalty added-value services. You will offer your prospect one more reason to choose network’s local businesses. In fact you’ll be able to plan targeted marketing campaigns using your clients’ profiling and location and you may award them through fidelity initiatives, making physical stores more engaging and interactive.

Benefits for all

The app owner, who wants to create a Natural Shopping Center, will make available for local businesses a tool to support clients engagement through digital loyalty initiatives and dynamic offers. He will be able to manage sources of revenue generated on users’ transactions  and on loyalty currency sales.

Each network merchant can edit his profile (infos and contact) and can run Proximity Loyalty Blockchain initiatives directly from his devices. He can promote the app download and networks’ in-store purchases by providing a new dynamic, targeted and interconnected shopping experience.

NearIT Proximity Loyalty Blockchain

Last but not least, the user will live an exclusive, innovative and amazing experience thanks to a practice and easy to use tool. He will have access to personalized offers in the most relevant moment so that he will get benefits from purchases such as earning points that he could spend within the network’s stores, and cash or cryptocurrency refund. At the same time he will be able to exchange fidelity currency with other clients or buy new through a dedicated website.

If the ultimate objective is to build a loyalty system to help merchants satisfy their customers, Proximity Loyalty Blockchain is the right way forward.

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