December 2016

Proximity Marketing: an Ally for Your Christmas


Make Christmas Shopping a Pleasure for Your Customers with Mobile Marketing

Holidays are coming and with them the rush to Christmas shopping! Today more than ever, consumers choose to trust their mobile devices to check, compare and learn about their purchasing decisions. According to a Facebook study, in fact, 62% of consumers use their smartphone during Christmas shopping.

Christmas is a time full of joy for the entire family, but at the same time it is a moment marked by a “stress”: the search of the right gift, the shopping rush, the endless queues and the crowd.

How can you help your customers to have the best Christmas experience ever? Simple, thanks to proximity marketing technologies, you can send content in the right context regarding users’ position.

Integrating our SDK – software development kit – into your mobile app, you can radically transform customers’ shopping experience and manage simply and intuitively your CRM. With this technology, you will be able to send offers and notifications to your customers when they are near your business. And even more! You will also be able to collect data, which can play a key role for holiday strategies.

However, proximity marketing is not just a great shopping experience ally. In fact, it can also make holidays unique. For example, proximity technologies can help client with hotel booking, transportation, and many other activities related to tourism (museums and big events).
Grasp this period of departures to let your app users enjoy a complete Christmas experience.

So, what are the possible Christmas strategies with our proximity marketing platform? Continue reading this post… this is an opportunity too important to miss!

Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile marketing is a tool to use for your personal gain during holidays: on one hand it helps your customers to survive during Christmas races; on the other hand, it helps selling your products, like Christmas presents. Unfortunately, Christmas marketing is reduced to a flood of impersonal SMS and emails with a possible spam effect. They will annoy your customers, because most of the offers received are not interesting for them; that’s why this messages are usually not opened and directly deleted.

With proximity marketing technology, you will be able to overcome these old techniques and offer the best shopping experience.

  • Mobile couponing: Christmas time is the best period to loyalize customers and invite them trying new products. What is the best way to convince them visiting your store? Providing personalized discounts. Thanks to proximity marketing you can monitor the behavior of your customers in store and online. Find out what are the products they buy the most and what are the most visited areas of your store. With the right profiling, you will be able to send mobile coupons, directly with your app, offering discounts based on client’s’ tastes and behaviours.
  • Notifications: thanks to beacons, you can send offers to you client while they are near some products. You can convince your customers buying a product they are interested in, but for one reason or another they have never bought. Or maybe you can highlight the products you want to sell right away. For example, during holidays, you can offer discounts on your Christmas products. This has two advantages: on one side it helps you in selling your products, on the other side it makes the decision of the customer stronger, right at the time of purchase.

Information and Advices in Store

During Christmas season, one of the main problems is to handle a large flow of people, who want to buy from your business. For your customers, it becomes a problem, for example, to ask for help to salesman. With the different technologies of proximity marketing, as beacons or geofence, you can give them the best shopping experience ever.

  • Interactive map: you can integrate in your app an interactive map of your store, letting your customers orient themselves more easily and find the products that interest them. Imagine a customer who can safely move around the store and immediately find the products he wants. The shopping experience will be fun, even during holidays.
  • Information on products: in order to avoid customer a loss of time to find additional information about products, you can integrate in your app also information and comparative sheets. What a comfort for your users to receive information directly on smartphone, when they are near products they like, without having to ask questions to employees.

Payment and Queues at the Cashier

During holidays, checkout queues become interminable. Through proximity marketing, you can offer your customers different solutions, to save their precious time.

  • Pick & Pay Service: with this type of service, the customer can buy online directly from your app and pick up the purchase at the checkout, in the favourite delivery point. There will be a great time saving, ensuring that customers receive the product in time. Also, if there are problems with the purchase, the customer can change it directly in the store, without further waste of money. Let your users choose the color of the paper to wrap Christmas presents, the type of card or gift bag, to improve his experience.
  • Pay in proximity of the cashier: transform smartphones into a real virtual wallet. With NCF payments, your clients can pay their purchases simply by approaching their phones to the POS. No more queues for your customers, who will have a good reason to return visit you.

Your Christmas Mobile Marketing Campaigns with NearIT


With our platform you can create lots of campaigns to engage your app users during Christmas. Here an example of NearIT’s ‘recipes’ you can create:

Who: specif target, users between 20 and 30 years old
What: notification with content and image. Choose an efficient image and write your personalised message such as “Come in and discover all the presents for your friends and your family”
Trigger: when users enter indoor area and they are near a beacon installed at the entrance of the shop.

Drive users into your store thanks to personalised content.

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