December 2016

Proximity Marketing: The Shopping Center Becomes Interactive


Shopping will never be the same! Thanks to proximity marketing you can send personalised content to users. Send the right content at the right time; help users be guided inside a mall. Create engagement and promote your business. With proximity marketing and with our platform all will be much easier  and efficient! Just try it!

Proximity Marketing Advantages for a Shopping Center


Our Proximity Marketing platform advantages are countless. Now let’s see some strategies you can realize in your mall.

  • Drive users to your shopping center: Create viral content and send them via notifications to engage users and drive them to your mall.
  • Interactive map: With a map on user’s devices, people can be guided inside the shopping center. Install proximity devices at strategic coins and offer additional information. Through geolocation, discover your customers’ behaviors. You can create different personalised paths to provide them an even more unique experience.
  • Address them to the right shop: Each customer has his own taste. Inside a mall, there are several shops. Install, for example, one or more beacons in every shop. Send coupons and discounts when your client is in proximity, he will be more tempted to enter.
  • Send an offer for their favorite restaurant in the structure: Lunch time is coming? Send app users a notification with special offers based on their favorite dishes. Slurp!
  • Gamification: When you go shopping together with your friends, it may happen that not everyone is interested in the same shop or product. So maybe someone has to wait, comfortably seated. Offer them a way to enjoy time! With our platform, you can integrate in your app several entertaining games. Study your users data and create games perfect for them.
  • Additional information: Offer additional information about mall’s shops and their products.
  • Parking: What if customers cannot remember where their car is? If you install beacons in different points of the parking area, you can allow them to mark car position and get a notification when they are near it.
  • Contests: Allow your users to participate in contests, creating dedicated campaigns. Invite them to buy in several stores and give them awards. You’ll have excellent feedback both in visits and engagement.
  • Customer loyalty: Involve your users also after the purchase! Invite them to rate your business and to share photos on social networks. Add also customised loyalty programs and a customer care service. Your customers won’t go shopping anywhere else.

Take advantage of the technologies of proximity marketing, especially during the holidays season and sale. You’ll drastically reduce queues and you’ll offer to your customers the best personalized offer.

Create Your Proximity Marketing Campaign with NearIT

Here is a “recipe” that you can create to engage your app users at your mall.

Who: To app users who set as interest “Shoes”
What: A notification with a message to announce a new shop opening “New opening. Discover the new shoe shop!”
Trigger: When users are in the geographical area (Geofence: 1 km) of the shopping center from 15th November to 31st December 2016.

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