December 2016

Proximity Marketing: The Shopping Center Becomes Interactive

Mobile strategy

Thanks to proximity marketing and mobile engagement shopping and the mall will not be the same. You just need a mobile app integrated with NearIT and everything will be easier.

Proximity Marketing Advantages for a Shopping Center

By using a mobile app integrated with NearIT is possible to get countless advantages for a Shopping Center. But what kind of activities can the center manager do?

  • Drive users to your shopping center: Create viral content and send them via notifications to engage users and drive them to your mall.
  • Interactive map: With a map on user’s devices, people can be guided inside the shopping center.
  • Address them to the right shop: give the retailers the chance to share coupons and discounts when the clients are in proximity;
  • Gamification: offer them a way to enjoy the time there! With NearIT, you can integrate in your app several entertaining games;
  • Parking: By installing beacons in different points of the parking area, you can allow them to mark car position and get a notification when they are near it;
  • Contests: Allow your users to participate in contests, creating dedicated campaigns;
  • Customer loyalty: invite them to rate your service and to share photos on social networks. Add also customised loyalty programs and a customer care service.

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