December 2016

Add Value to Your Store with Proximity Marketing


 Send personalised content and engage app users: help them enjoying the best shopping experience ever! Take advantage of Christmas time to test proximity marketing: you will be able to manage your customers in the best way possible and give them the best shopping experience. Proximity Marketing can be a real ally for your Christmas.

Create a special shopping experience for your users during Christmas time: why would you choose proximity marketing?

Proximity marketing is a form of mobile marketing, based on user location. It uses proximity criteria between people and points of interest or objects to send specific content, directly on mobile devices. You can send customized messages to users at the best time and in the right place, filling the imaginary separation between physical and digital world.

Through beacons installation, one of the technology which allows the delivery of messages in a specific context, you can collect valuable data on consumer behavior. This data, together with purchasing data, can be a real gold mine for your business development, content marketing and engagement with app users.

So, why should you integrate this technology into your mobile app?

  • Communicate in real time with your customers: Thanks to beacons’ installation or geolocation, you can send content in real time wherever your users are, capturing effectively their attention. Everyone can have information and benefits directly on smartphone.
  • Have the best ally for your sales: You can send directly to user’s devices, personalised discount coupons for each client, avoiding unnecessary waste of paper.
  • Create a strong relationship with users: Proximity Marketing allows you to connect the real world with mobile, giving information to the user and amplifying his experience. Encourage the sharing on social, make your users rate your products.
  • Produce additional useful content: You can create product sheets and specific comparisons, which will arrive directly on your clients’ devices, to guide them during shopping.
  • Send personalised content: You’ll never have to send the same content to everyone. In fact, proximity marketing, going beyond the spam logic, allows you to match the right content to the right user. Thanks to the app and the integrated platform, you will be able to know the habits and interests of users, to send them the right content at the right time.
  • Active low-cost campaigns: Proximity Marketing campaigns allow you to get great results with small investments. By analyzing your users’ behaviours, it will be easier to build promotional campaigns, getting a great saving of effort, time and especially … money!
  • Receive detailed analytics: Thanks to our proximity marketing platform you will be able to obtain accurate information about your customers. You will improve your CRM system and you can enable remarketing initiatives. Thanks to beacon technology, you are even able to track the movement of users inside your business.

Proximity Marketing Advantages for Your Store

Proximity marketing is an efficient tool, which can effectively support every stage of purchasing process: from product advertising and promotion, through pre-sales services to the purchase, payment and also the post-sale. Proximity Marketing becomes a good ally to drive customers into the store, engaging them with interesting, personalised and profitable content. We have already seen how smartphones, Bluetooth technology and the installation of beacons can be valuable allies for your business. Thanks to them, you can collect valuable data on consumer behavior which can be a real gold mine in  in-store marketing management.

proximity marketing per natale
soluzioni di proximity marketing per natale

However, what are the real actions you can perform inside your store?

Here you are several examples to make you understand how our platform can be useful for you.

  • Invite users in your store: Create engaging content for the right customers, send them via notifications and drive them into your store.
  • Give the perfect welcome to each customer: Install a beacon at the entrance of your store: you’ll have the ability to send a customised message to each client at the entrance of your store. Sending a notification, you can propose app users to open the app to view product’s categories and offers according to their interests, based on previous visits and/or on- and off-line purchases. You will be able to create a real second customised shop window on your client’s smartphone.
  • Manage special offers based on what your customers love: With our platform, you can record your customers’ behaviors and know what are the most frequented areas of your store, the best-selling products, the ones who have less visibility…Take advantages from this information!
  • Drive your customer to the right department: Thanks to data analysis, you will be able to outline what are the habits of each customer and what are the most appreciated products. Recommend your clients products and activities based on their location and create the right offers; you’ll increase his desire to purchase.
  • Offer additional information about your products: Prepare some information sheets about your products; customers can easily consult them on their devices when they are nearby. You’ll reduce waiting time and you’ll offer a useful and practical service.
  • Help your customers getting around your store: Create an interactive map which can be watched directly from smartphones, you’ll help your customers getting around your store and to immediately find products they are interested in.
  • Make your loyalty card interactive: Dematerialize your loyalty card and incorporate it into your app. You’ll manage your contacts in the best way, by simplifying data management and offers.
  • Stop spam effect! Start with customised coupons: The weakness of coupons is in the way they are offered. Not all customers are interested in the same products. Usually, general offers are erased without even being consulted creating a general sense of annoyance. Thanks to user segmentation, you won’t have these problems anymore; you’ll always know how to match the right offer to the perfect client.
  • Simplify payment actions with proximity payment: Electronic payments in “proximity”, which require a physical proximity between buyer and seller of the purchased product/service, are growing fastly and there will be a huge explosion in 2017. Give your customers the best shopping experience ever: turn the smartphone into a real credit card.
  • Keep your clients loyal after the purchase: Engage your users inviting them to rate your store and to share purchases photos on Social Networks. Offer customized loyalty programs and a customer care service… your customers will never go away!

Create a Proximity Marketing Campaign for Your Shop with NearIT

Create your proximity marketing recipe with our platform to create engagement with your app users. It is really easy and fast! Here an example.

Who: Only to users who were near your shop in November 2016
What: A mobile coupon to have a 50% discount on Christmas gifts to use until 31st December 2016
Trigger: When users are near your shop (trigger: beacon) from the 1st to 31st December 2016.

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