May 2019

Regusto App is Renewed with NearIT Proximity

NearIT launched the new Regusto app at TUTTOFOOD

We launched the new Regusto app at TUTTOFOOD.
Restaurant owners and their customers have finally the chance to prevent food waste. They can do it thanks to a renewed User Journey and a redesigned User Experience.


TUTTOFOOD, the international B2B event dedicated to food & beverage that is taking place  at Fiera MilanoCity and that will end on the 9th of may, has been chosen to host the launch of the renewed version of the app Regusto. The app has been designed by Near with a new User Journey and a redesigned User Experience to allow restaurant owners to offer their customers – signed-in and profiled – their takeaway dishes, made with in excess raw ingredients which would otherwise be wasted, on Last Minute Sale. Regusto gives birth to an important initiative which aims to prevent food waste.

All this is possible thanks to proximity marketing and thanks to the technology Near has provided.

NearIT launched the new Regusto app at TUTTOFOOD

“I’m glad to be here to launch our app against food waste. Food has a cultural but also economic and  environmental value in Italy and this is why we can’t afford to squander it. Responsible for waste are consumers for 50% and, for the remainder, production and transformation system. Waste at root is in the kitchen and it can be managed via technological solutions, giving food some added value and generating new opportunities. This is due to a last minute promotion that makes it possible to sell those products which would risk remaining unsold. Through the app, offers – amplified and digitez – have a ranging from 20% to 50% discount percentage and save money on the user side and produce an economical benefit for the restaurant owner”.

“Regusto has a young target looking for quality products, but also a professional and touristic target looking for a lunch in a more conscious and sustainable manner”, said Paolo Rellini, Regusto COO & Co-founder.

NearIT launched the new Regusto app at TUTTOFOOD

“Regusto is a great impact project both in terms of ethical and sustainable Food and Horeca revolution, and in terms of technology – said Emanuele Rastelli, Near Business Development Manager -. We redesigned the app user journey to make sure to transform the Regusto concept into a concrete service able to propose and carry out a new food consumption model”.

“We looked at Proximity as the missing ingredient. Profiling users, through an in-app survey that asks them interests and food preferences, and using their location, the platform integrated in the app can help the ones who provide a service meet those who are searching for that exact service at that time, further enhancing the Last Minute concept”, he added.


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NearIT launched the new Regusto app at TUTTOFOOD

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