February 2019

Qui Vicino: a Project
co-Signed by Near and Avip Redefines Urban Areas in the City Through Proximity.

NearIT and Avip for the project Qui Vicino

Find a new way to make the experience of a city smarter and communicate in a dynamic manner.
This was the idea that pushed Avip to contact Near to develop the project Qui Vicino.

How to build a Smart City

Digitizing the territory and making any city smarter can be done today as long as you use the right tools. Avip, a leading company in the outdoor market, has chosen Near Srl as a partner, an innovative company from Bergamo born in 2016, specialized in providing solutions in the field of strategic marketing, aimed at meeting the needs of its customers for more interactive and targeted mobile communication. Mestre and Venice were identified as pilot cities.

NearIT and Avip for the project Qui Vicino

“We wanted to use urban furniture to send communications of various kinds, which is what Avip has always done” – explained Mirco Costarelli, Avip Sales Director -.
We believe that with new technologies, this can be done more quickly, especially thanks to Proximity Marketing by Near Srl with which we have developed an App, Venipedia, allowing us to send targeted and high-quality contents. The communication through the bus stop shelters evolves, thanks to Bluetooth devices, the beacons, which will enable information to be sent to visitors and citizens on initiatives, events, and also commercial promotions, taking into account the needs of everyone near strategic points. At the same time, it is possible to collect data on users and optimize the offer of various services”.

A new way to visit Mestre and Venice

Mestre and Venice are therefore the first cases of convergence between advertising, technology, and territory, thanks also to the collaboration with the institutions and with Venipedia, the avant-garde portal offering historical and cultural information on the city of Venice which also gives the name to the app. Venipedia, associated with the NearIT platform, allows users to receive content directly to their smartphone, based on their interests, behaviors, and contextual to their geographical position.

In particular, Venice has proved to be an interesting test with regards to the number of contents that a city so large, fascinating and full of history and events are able to communicate. In a few meters, you can find yourself in front of a museum, a shop or a restaurant. Precisely for this reason the visitors, but also its residents, need dedicated information with ad hoc contents. In short, a multiple approach to represent different stories and experiences.

Venipedia will guide its users to discover the history of the city, its artistic beauties, and curiosities related to its extravagant characters, also subsequently integrating useful information such as the presence of Wi-Fi hotspots, public baths, parking lots and transport timetables. All in a dynamic and profiled way, when the user is near the different strategic points of the city.

NearIT and Avip for the project Qui Vicino

Next destinations

After Venice, Alba and Monza are the next steps of Avip’s project to change the way cities and people communicate and interact within urban space.

In this context, digital advertising is not just a tool, it becomes an active marketplace where the right offer meets the right demand at the right moment. Commercial ventures are able to communicate directly on users’ smartphones when they are close to different strategic points of the city, will be able to get in touch with new customers, as well as to retain those they already have, through profiled initiatives.

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