June 2017

NearIT’s offering is getting bigger: it’s born RedeemIT the solution for coupons redemption


The NearIT’s team has just announced the released in the store of a new and practical app for coupons redemption: RedeemIT. This new app is going to enrich the features of NearIT the contextual mobile engagement app. RedeemIT satisfies the needs of those who want to manage quickly and independently a couponing campaign made for their clients avoiding to provide their counter with complex and expensive scanning system.

How does it work?

Once you have created a coupon using NearIT, you can provide your cashier this very useful app. Thanks to RedeemIT you can easily check the validity of a coupon shown before an in store purchase, proceeding next to the redemption.

You have just to scan the code generated with NearIT, associated for example to a QR code or Barcode, to apply a discount. This tool will make all the promotion campaign’s process easy and instant.  NearIT, platform for contextual mobile engagement and proximity marketing, allows to plan and send to your customers notification and coupon through your App.

RedeemIT is a support offered by NearIT suitable for every kind of store,  that will make you marketing and communication campaign fast and efficient.


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