May 2019

Regusto, technology to defeat food waste

The data confirm a steady growth of the app developed by Regusto and Near. They, in fact, has been able to bring restaurants closer to its customers thanks to an innovative solution against food waste.

NearIT for Regusto

Just one year ago, Regusto and NearIT gave rise to an ambitious project: defeat food waste using proximity marketing technology. The app Regusto – designed and entirely developed by NearIT team – is proving to be a more than ever effective tool, able to carry remarkable advantages to both restaurateurs and clients.

The principle is simple: businesses taking part to the initiative can create real-time last minute offers and users, once downloaded the app and detected the most suitable offer, will just have to select the desired number of dishes, put them in the virtual cart and pay, also scheduling the favourite pick up time. Each order gets its own secret code that the user have to show at the restaurant to pick up his Regusto Bag.

NearIT for Regusto

Make room for Proximity

Proximity Marketing is a vital cog to make real this ambitious project. Thanks to it, the Regusto app is not just a “virtual menu” but a way to allow restaurateurs to communicate offers in real time through notifications directly sent to those clients detected close to their restaurant, prompting them to stop and shop.

Using a dedicated web platform, the business owner can fill in and edit the page related to his restaurant, he can arrange a menu, propose offers and plan his own marketing strategies using NearIT and Proximity.

NearIT for Regusto

All these information, updated in real time in the app Regusto, will be available for users allowing them to choose and buy the nearest offers and.

Thanks to NearIT, restaurateurs can engage people – sending geo-located notifications on the basis of their tastes and interests – providing a targeted and not at all invasive service.

Moreover, the app is very much appreciated by those who, for study or job purposes, have no time or opportunity to cook but desire an alternative tasty and ready-made dish without having to necessarily resorting to fast food or vending machines.

This system allows to monitor restaurants food surpluses and manage, donating them to nonprofit entities.

A young app, for all

Paolo Rellini, Regusto COO & Co-founder, explains target and project: “Our target are young people who are looking for quality products, but also professionals who want a lunch during a business day and tourists, and this in a more conscious and sustainable way.

In Italy food means culture, but it also has both an economic and environmental value we cannot afford to waste.

With the app, offers, amplified and digitized, have a percentage discount ranging from 20 and 50%. This allow a money saving for users but also a return to restaurant”.

NearIT for Regusto
NearIT for Regusto

Here’s some numbers

The app Regusto is now a fact in our country. Currently all major italian cities are involved in the project, so following up an experience that is an established reality around the world. Milano, Roma, Torino and Perugia have already different participant businesses and a good number of users.

According to data reporting, sustainability is a topic dear to younger segments of population. It won’t surprise that the main audience are both men and women from 25 to 34 years old, closely followed by age range 35-44 and 45-54. But there are other numbers able to explain the goodness of the project: since the 6th of may (when the app was released) it has involved 3300 users and, only in august, we recorded 664 active users on the app. Restaurants have already promoted more than 60 offers a day and sent more than 800 notifications in the last month.

And this is just the beginning.

Haven’t you downloaded the app Regusto yet? You can find it here!