August 2017

Spinebike and NearIT: together to engage the final users in a new way

Spinebike and NearIT

Spinebike, new brand of electric mobility on two wheels, has just been launched on Italian and Spanish market. This is the first innovative e-bike who reward you if you ride.

spinebike e nearit

A innovative application

An original system of reward, a green and sustainable choice to convert every kilometers done in economic advantage for everyone who ride.

For the rewarding part of the project, Spinebike has chosen NearIT. The i-tech company has developed a web platform that can be integrate in every app mobile, allowing to share proximity notifications. This technology offers to all the partners the best proximity marketing and mobile engagement solution available. It’s possible to involve users with promos and personalized offers.


The sustainable mobility evolution starts from Milan and Spinebike that propose a sustainable lifestyle, awarding you with a compensation for all your movement in the city. Spinebike pays you back for every kilometre you ride using Spinecoin (SC$) a virtual currency spendable inside all the network’s partners.

The reward mechanism is very simple and it’s easy to accumulate SC$: once you have downloaded the Spinecoin app, by using a Spine anyone can connect the ebike to the app, through Bluetooth. Then in just two steps you can start to collect SC$, one for every kilometres done. 1KM is 1 SC$ which values 0,50 €/SC$.

Earn while you ride

The Spinecoin app is now available for Android 6 and following, coming soon the iOS version. It is in charge to control the SC$ generation. Thanks to a beacon installed in each ebike and to the smartphone’s accelerometer, the user can accumulate SC$  just while he is riding the bicycle.

Beacons’ technology allows to inform the app once the user is close to his bike and when he can start to accumulate coins.  Instead of a chip, the beacon allows Spinebike and NearIT to develop an innovative project of geo-marketing that goes beyond the traditional use of this technology. Normally the beacon is installed in a specific place and it activates the push notifications when the users get closer. In this case the beacon is placed inside the e-bike working differently, indeed it selects and communicates with a certain target in the best moment to fulfill people’s need.

Luca Locatelli CEO of NearIT said “We were keen to develop a different project. We are working on something very different compared to what we have been doing so far. We are proud of this cooperation which opens an essential trial period. As we were born as innovative startup, we feel comfortable being in contact with companies that use the technology for important purpose such as sustainability and mobility”.

Spinebike app

Beacon and integration

The strength of this collaboration is the beacon using and NearIT platform integration inside spinecoin app. “Thanks to the beacons and to the integration in the app, we can share with users personalized messages, in order to get a better experience when they use a Spinebike.  The main purpose is to provide targeted messages, from the sponsor joining Spinecoin network, when the user is detected inside the geofence area placed close to their shops” says Pietro Valaguzza, business partner of Spine.

By being part of this network national and international brands can take advantage of a new way to engage the final user. Everyone who accepts spinecoins will take advantage on its reputation, making it innovative, social and sustainable.


spinebike e nearit

More advantages for users and partners

“Even if the Spine brand is very new, in the ebike marketplace, our commercial proposal is really original. Indeed we are earning a lot of success from national and international brands that want to be part of our network, especially for our use in retail. The integration with NearIT can guarantee the validity of the project and is really appreciate for the potential developments of other projects” states Pietro Valaguzza.

The single person is the main promoter and supporter of the best choice for the future of our cities and community. He is the one able to change our environment with his behavior. He can become the main protagonist of an experience that can combine the research of sustainability and the sharing of new economic models of consumption and zero impact.


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