April 2018

StartIT in service of the Educational System

An innovative way to propose training courses and services: FLAI app is now available

StartIT for service industry

FLAI, educational institute, has decided to innovate the way to promote its own services, by using a new technology to effective propose itself to the people. In order to reach the potential users that could be more interested in the courses offered, FLAI has decided to use a technology able to take real advantage of the users’ location, therefore planning a focused communication that gets a better result.

As they didn’t have a mobile app, they opted for StartIT technological kit including the personalizable mobile app integrated with NearIT, the contextual mobile engagement platform. A turnkey solution that shortly has allowed this organization to effective reach a huge number of potential customers.

StartIT for formazione lavoro Italia

A new way to reach
potential customers

The strategy offered by NearIT differs from a traditional communication strategy, based on leaflets and social media campaigns. Thanks to its app, FLAI has the chance to target its users that will receive information based on their own town. During the registration they will be asked to give information about the age and the gender, all these will be used to share specific information and promotional offers. Users will be constantly informed about promotions, courses available in their town and through the coupons they can get exclusive promotions.

The FLAI app will also share useful information about job opportunity that could be very interesting for them.