March 2018

StartIT: the right solution for Smart City

Mobile strategy

Ready for municipal administration, merchants associations or retail district in the old town, StartIT is the tool available for everyone. It will increase the quality of the service offered to the citizens.

Needs of innovation really required

As the exponential increase of the people living in urban context, it gets more pressing the need of structures able to functionally manage big numbers of people. By the 2050 the world population will be almost of 9,8 billion people, 60% of them in the urban centres. The public administration will have to face a great challenge, which is also a great opportunity: make their own city more efficient thanks to the help of new technologies .


Le città crescono
Smart city

Thanks to StartIT the city gets smart

Because of its simplicity, efficiency and flexibility it could be the right solution to solve the most urgent requirement. As StartIT is a mobile App ready to be personalized and already integrated into the platform NearIT (Discover more about StartIT), it’s particularly suitable as a tool to manage services and commercial opportunity for the users-citizens.

StartIt could be used for many purposes all included in two main areas:

  • Services for citizens
  • Digital advertising in town

StartIT for Smart-city citizen

For example with an App like the one offered with StartIT, tourists and citizens will constantly get news about public transport timetable and itinerary. They will receive information about historic and cultural hotspots or even events in the surrounding area.

Through Beacons and Geofences system installed in the interesting areas of the town the user will receive on the app personalized contents and notification made with NearIT  by the App owner. Every App user will receive contents based on his tastes and habits in the moment and place previously defined.

The App will also be an instrument to deliver information about public security, disruption or emergency situation.

StartIT for Digital adv services in town

The App integrated with NearIT features, will be able to create a Natural Shopping centre in town.

The App owner will have the chance to gather retailers of a certain area into the same chain involving the App users and using an innovative marketing tool. It will be possible to offer real benefit to the citizens, promoting also the urban revitalization.

They will receive personalized notifications about promos, offers or just information about the retailers in the area, in the right moment and based on the location, present or passed, or based on the information shared in App.

Servizi al cittadino della smart city

But the advantage are not just for the user. Even the shopkeepers will optimize their own communication direct it just to the customers and prospects more receptive. The Smart City or the project owner will reach the goal to communicate in an innovative and efficient way, having the measure of the result and collecting important location behaviour.    

NearIT communicates with the App users in a defined context: geographical, temporal, behavioural.  NearIT collects information and data about the App users, based on their location and their behaviour allowing a well focused communication, personalized on user’s needs and habits.

Think about the chance to share contents with tourists and businessmen passing by the airport or the station. They will enjoy a great instrument that will guide and engage them with focused offers.

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