February 2018

Near presents the most complete and competitive tool for mobile marketing: welcome to StartIT

NearIt presenta StartIT

Near srl, technological Startup, become now a real company, has launched StartIT a technological kit that allows any business owner or service provider to easily activate mobile communication and loyalty campaign. The offer is inclusive of: a customizable app for a very competitive price and the platform NearIT to communicate with all the mobile users in a very profiled way, in the most effective situation, moment or place.

Everything started from a platform

Two years ago the launch of the web platform NearIT which, integrated in any mobile app, makes possible to communicate with any users in proximity and in a very profiled way.  

Now Near, launching its new product, is really meeting the need of everyone like big brands provided with a mobile app and small businesses who haven’t invested in a mobile app yet or Service providers (convention centres, museums, smart cities).

“We’ve worked hard to make NearIT and its really sophisticated and efficient technology available for everyone” stated Mario Pozzi NearIT General Manager “ The platform NearIT was born to be intuitive, easy to use and to be integrated, to make any campaign supervisor independent in creating its contents and managing the results of the mobile marketing campaign. Sometimes the lack of a mobile app ready to be integrated has caused delay in starting a mobile marketing campaign. That’s why we have thought about a new tool ready to be used from everyone willing to start an engagement campaign with his users immediately for a very competitive price”.

Our app..your app

StartIT is a complete technological kit: mobile app and web platform NearIT usable to plan innovative marketing and communication campaign based on users’ information such as their location and behaviour.

Light and easy to use, this is the right tool to attract and get the loyalty of any user. Proposing of commercial offers, promotions of events, updating about the latest news about product and services: this app will help anyone who wants to have a direct communication  channel with all the mobile user to boost any kind of business. This app can be personalized with colour, brand and contents. It has a menu already structured and it’s planned to be very efficient and in respect of all the usability rules. A very scalable product that will allow any kind of business to invest in a mobile app with an edge.


“Because of its flexibility we expect this product to allow anyone to test the potential of NearIT our contextual mobile engagement platform, which is still our main product” stated Claudio Suardi NearIT Product Owner “StartIT has the merit to be competitive, in pricing and performance, and thanks to the integration with our platform it allow to plan focused activities to increase users’ loyalty and the appreciation if the app itself”.

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