February 2018

Near presents the most complete and competitive tool for mobile marketing: welcome to StartIT

NearIt presenta StartIT

Near launches StartIT. Finally all business activities can create and plan mobile marketing and loyalty campaigns in just 3 simple steps.
StartIT is a kit and it includes a customizable app (with an advantageous price) and the NearIT platform that makes it possible to engage your users in a highly profiled way. So you can reach your mobile audience at the right time and the right place or situation.

Everything started from a platform

Two years ago, the NearIT web platform was launched. When integrated into any mobile app, it makes it possible to communicate with users on the bases of their proximity in a highly profiled manner.

Now Near, with the launch of its new product, really meets the needs of everyone: big brands already in possession of mobile applications, small businesses that have not invested in the development of their own personal branded app or, institutions that offer services (convention centers, museums, public administrations).

“We worked with conviction that a sophisticated and very effective technology like NearIT could be within everyone’s reach” said Mario Pozzi, General Manager of NearIT“The NearIT platform was born with the purpose of being intuitive, easy to use and integrate, making the manager of every marketing and communication campaign independent in the creation of  contents and in the management of the results of all mobile marketing activities. However, in some cases, the lack of a readily available mobile app or the integration process have caused delays in the campaign’s departure. For this reason we have designed a new turnkey tool for anyone who wants to start an engagement campaign on their mobile users at a decidedly competitive price“.

Our app..your app

StartIT is a technological package complete with a mobile app and NearIT web platform through which you can  plan innovative communication campaigns exploiting user profiling, their position and their past behavior.

It is both Intuitive and easy to use, in short it’s the right tool to attract and retain all mobile app users. StartIt is the perfect tool for proposing commercial offers, promoting events and informing users about the latest news regarding products and services. This app is able to put anyone in a position to create a direct channel of communication with its users and gives an edge to any type of business. Our app StartIt is equipped with highly customizable features, this allows you to brand features such as content, logo and colors, with a well-defined menu structure, designed to be highly functional, easy to use, and in compliance with all the rules of usability for the user.

NearIt presenta StartIT per innovare la strategia mobile

A highly scalable product that allows you to invest in a mobile app with an extra gear.

“We expect this product, given its flexibility, to allow everyone to test the potential of our Contextual Mobile Engagement platform, which is still our main product” says Claudio Suardi Product Owner of NearIT “StartIT has the advantage of be absolutely competitive, in terms of price and performance, and thanks to its integration with the platform allows you to do targeted activities that greatly increases the user’s loyalty and the appreciation of the app itself “.

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