July 2018

Tourism’s Needs are Met with the StartIT Kit, an Innovative Tool to Cut through the Noise

Mobile strategy
StartIT and tourism

Knowing what your customers need is a useful insight in the tourism sector.
A satisfy tourist will certainly get back to your structure and he’ll recommend it to its friends.
Thanks to StartIT, you can filter through irrelevant communication strategies to focus on your guest’s real needs. So… let’s see how to cut through the noise!

startit and tourism

A true blend of increased customer demand and finding the right technology
to meet them

We find that the needs of avid travel lovers are increasing. They want to experience your brand and services on their own terms. Thanks to mobile technology they have all the information needed at their fingertips! Tourists start their voyage online sourcing through the infinite information that is available on the internet. Making decisions on what destinations they would like to experience, what airline is most suitable to their needs, checking into flights, booking hotels, buying show and museum tickets online. Decisions on where to eat and which tourist spots are worth visiting are usually also all decided online.

At the end of their trip, they add relevant information on the various databases they derived their info from, by way of customer reviews, sharing their experiences with other mobile users. It is therefore very important for the tourism sector to differentiate their brands and establish a firm digital presence.

Getting in front of the line

There is no doubt that in this digital age, setting  apart your brand, your offers, and services requires embracing relevant digital trends as fast as possible delivering relevant sought after information and services.

There are two ways of adapting to digital trends: reactive, that is, adapting technologies that meet consumer needs; or proactive, offering new unexpected disruptive possibilities that take the customer’s digital experience to a new level (For an in-depth information on our StartIT kit click here).

Proactive digital adaptation with StartIT

StartIT is a unique app already integrated with our NearIT Web Platform, an indispensable Contextual Mobile Engagement tool that allows you delve deeper into the relevant insights that will undoubtedly launch your brand to the front of the line.

StartIt is a handy tool in the tourism sector, and its affiliated service sectors. You can offer guided experiences completely consumer-centric, more profiled to the needs of your app users based on their location and geo-behavioural  habits. We allow you send relevant notifications and other various content formats in a manner that ensures an immediate benefit to both your business and your app user.

Or simply welcoming them via an in-app notification once they walk into the hotel lobby or, restaurant,  allow them check-in, or make reservations and buy tickets in-app offering the possibility of booking and benefiting  from other affiliated services or partners.

With StartIT their needs are catered for 24 hours 7 days a week ensuring an ongoing engagement which translates into loyalty and brand advocacy.

startit for tourism

It’s lunchtime and you are a  two min walk from the best Italian cuisine restaurant.
Stop by to enjoy this 5% lunch coupon.

StartIT for tourism

Breaking it down: What makes your brand stand out

Offer relevant sought after information, consider contextual relevance, being non intrusive, do engagement: if you tick this boxes your miles aways from rival brands in your sector but tying StartIt into your communication strategy amplifies all these benefits by using geolocation to further segment your user database ensuring a more profiled communication between users and brands.


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