July 2019

Travel Experience: to Each His Own

Mobile strategy
a new travel experience with NearIT

In terms of travel experience, new proximity technologies can make a difference. For example, for travel operators, who are looking for new ideas and ways to interact with clients. But also for travelers who want to live exclusive, personal and accessible journey.

When it comes to questions of travel experience the real must-have to pack before leaving is the smartphone, today considered an essential personal assistant more than a telephone: from the online check-in of a flight, to the research of a typical restaurant on the map, even sharing the most beautiful pictures on your favourite social network.

a new travel experience with NearIT

What are travelers looking for?

According to the Booking.com report, which analyzes 2019 travel trends, travelers like getting advice about councils on the chosen travel route, as long as they are tailored.

41% of the more than 20.000 respondents from 29 countries in the world, appreciates companies that use technology to generate targeted contents for their clients on the basis of their own previous experiences, but also that provide them smart services, like a virtual concierge able to communicate in their language.

Besides services personalization through digital tourist guides, able to aggregate short and dynamic contents on the basis of their expressed preferences, easy of use and innovation are the most desirable features when we talk about travel experiences. More than half of the people interviewed value technological innovations if they are practical and user friendly. It’s not by chance therefore that 57% of travelers is interested in those solutions that allow to track in real-time luggages through a mobile app, or even use a single app to plan and book their trips, managing any needs emerged during the trip itself.

An ally for travel operators

To simplify their own guests travel organization before they arrive at destination, letting them experience something new even in the way to enjoy informations during the trip is easier done than said thanks to Proximity. In fact, Proximity allows operators working in the Travel & Hospitality sector to approach mobile marketing tools, optimising their own resources and diversifying their offer and their guests’ experience, grabbing their trust right away

Exploiting mobile technologies functionalities that act in proximity, the operators can profile their users and communicate real-time in a dynamic way directly on their own smartphone when they are close to a point of interest (historical city square, beaches or parks), or when it really matters (as they arrive, during their stay or when they leave).

A new Proximity Experience

Along a gastronomic route to explore on foot or by bicycle, you can plan some informative milestone on the basis of visitors’ preferences. So you’ll be able to enhance cultural points of interests or available services (for example bed&breakfast or winery), when guests are in their proximity.
Using Proximity technologies you can let places tell their stories in an innovative way, give greater visibility to local business and interact with users in a dynamic way in the most relevant moment. So, you’ll make the experience immersive in accordance with users needs.

A resort or a tourist accommodation can use the same technology with a different purpose. Engaging guests through discrete and targeted communication is essential to make their stay even more unique, empowering use of services within the structure: from spa, to restaurant, but also through entertainment activities, relax and shopping.

a new travel experience with NearIT

In the case of villages and cities will be possible to head at the territory valorization, involving and promoting local businesses, but also nearby natural and cultural attraction, so combining, through a digital shared showcase, the magic of history and tradition with innovation and immediacy of these technologies.

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