September 2018

Triora Da Scoprire:
Places tell their stories in a smart way

Triora is not only a 500 years old village located in a mountainous area of the Liguria region.  It’s also a place with plenty of mystery and magic.
Already well-known as the Village of the Witches, it has recently become a surprising travel destination in the local scenario.

StartIT per Triora da Scoprire

When the past meets the future

The idea of Giovanni Nicosia, vice-major and council member of Triora, was to engage new visitors and tourists, make them feel part of the local community, telling the old story and traditions of the village in an authentic and smart way.

Here it is Triora da Scoprire, an innovative app that joins its users during their travel tour giving touristic information and local commercial promotions in proximity to a location of interest, shop or restaurant. With an edge over a tour guide, the app gets in touch with the users directly on their smartphone according to their interest, behaviour and local position.

Grazie a StartIT nasce Triora da Scoprire
Grazie a StartIT nasce Triora da Scoprire

Tourism and Shopping

The NearIT Contextual Mobile Engagement Platform integrated in the app allows to create and send to the users profiled and contextualized content directly on their smartphone.

Imagine this: walking around the “carruggi” of Triora, the app tells users that they are close to the Witch Ethnographic Museum, which is closing in 2 hours.  Furthermore, it sends a 10% promo at the Witch Shop, the most famous in the village. Once users receive the communication, they are free to open the notification, read all the info or skip it and continue their tour.

“Users like the app because is different, easy to use and dynamic. Its layout is simple and fits to any potential contents”.

Next steps

The unique combination between tradition and innovation has strengthened the touristic and commercial value of Triora, engaging its visitors, making them part of the daily life of its community.

Mr Nicosia is now thinking to arrange a very special geotech treasure hunt in the village. The future of Triora has just begun: be ready to discover it!

Grazie a StartIT nasce Triora da Scoprire
Grazie a StartIT nasce Triora da Scoprire