August 2016

What are Proximity Marketing Advantages?


Reach people in the right place and moment with Proximity Marketing: it is a way to link digital and real world. You can send content on mobile devices, through an app, where your user is located.


5 Proximity Marketing Advantages

1. Real-time Communication

Send context-aware content to app users thanks to smartphonse and transmitters, like beacons or GPS. You can draw their attention efficiently and in real-time. Everyone can have all the news and exclusive advantages just a click away.

2. Powerful Sales Support

Send mobile discount coupons on users’ devices with Proximity Marketing. You can drive them during their shopping experience and invite them to purchase thanks to live offers. Proximity Marketing is a powerful supporter to drive clients inside a store, engaging them with interesting, personalized and convenient content received near the shop.

3. Relations Creation With Users

Create a relation with your customers, with Proximity Marketing you can go beyond the simple shopping advice. You can create relations, talk and link real world with mobile; you can give users information to amplify the experience, for example in a museum or during an event.

4. Targeted Content

Do not send the same content to all users! Do not send spam messages. Proximity Marketing allows you to send the right content to the right user. Thanks to the app, it is possible to know the audience, have information about their interests and send them the right content.

5. Low Price

Proximity Marketing campaigns allow you to have high results with low investment.


Why NearIT?


NearIT is fast for the developer, who can integrate our SKD in native apps – iOS and Android – in only 10 minutes.


Our platform is simple and user-friendly. You can create successful campaigns easily and without any technological expertise. Send mobile coupons, notifications, multimedia messages and analyze the results of the campaigns with our simple and efficient analytics.


Adapt our product to your needs; you can do it thanks to our open APIs which allow you to extend our platform’s uses and use cases: not only retail, but also events, exhibitions, schools. Moreover, you can use different technologies to trigger content.


With only few cents, you can create engagement with users!

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