June 2016

What About Proximity Marketing?

Mobile strategy

Particular marketing field based on user location, proximity marketing is a type of mobile marketing which works thanks to the proximity between people and interest points to send targeted context-aware content directly on users’ devices.

What is it?

Thanks to proximity marketing you can send targeted messages to users at the right time in the right place filling the gap between digital and physical world. Proximity marketing can make objects and places talk with smartphones. It is a big opportunity for both users and businesses’ owners.

Proximity marketing has a double strength:

  • users can live an enriched experience thanks to multimedia content, they can receive information and special offers and can be introduced in new interactive experiences;
  • content creator can engage the right users e, for retail, can drive people inside the store.

New marketing based on proximity can be strategic for business development by creating engagement with users.

Who Takes Advantage From Proximity Marketing?

All businesses which work with physical world take advantage from proximity marketing. In particular, there are some fields in which proximity marketing is more useful.

  • Retail: to improve the experience inside and near a store;
  • Museums: to improve visitors’ experience inside a museum;
  • Events, Conference, Exhibitions and Concerts: to involve users during conferences, exhibitions and concerts and to show relevant contents;
  • Restaurants and Bars: to get your customers loyalty;
  • Public Places: Stadium, Airports, Hospital, Parks to send important information;
  • Large-scale Retail Trade; 
  • Tourism and Local Promotion;
  • Public Administration and Public Offices to provide services for local communities to simplify bureaucracy;
  • Public Transports. 

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